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Top 10 Reasons People Like You Choose The New ezFIRM®


1. You deserve a highly experienced physician and team that specialize in this procedure. Everyone knows experience produces excellence. No doctors are more experienced then ezFIRM physicians because unlike others we concentrate exclusively on your Face and Neck Firming procedures.

2. Board-certified expert doctors. ezFIRM physicians are board-certified in Plastic Surgery or Facial Plastic Surgery. Doctors merely certified in “cosmetic surgery” cannot join our team.

3. We verify your doctors’ credentials expertise and bedside manner, so you don’t have to. What do you really know about your doctor or their qualifications? At ezFIRM we eliminate that worry by checking for you. We verify your doctors’ education, licensure, training, surgical expertise and caring bedside manner before we let them join our team.

4. No one beats our quality and care. Skill, oversight, accountability and a helping group of experts give you the highest quality of care.

5. Affordable and Proven results. With others excellent results typically means expensive. ezFIRM’s unique, award-winning business model provides you with proven, lasting and excellent results. You get it all at a remarkably reasonable cost. With many financing options, it’s affordable for almost everyone.

6. You will feel Safe. No need to worry with your new ezFIRM procedure because it is proven that you are safer than being put to sleep under anesthesia. We use relaxing medications and the kind of proven, safer local anesthetics dentists use.

7. Less invasive. The New ezFIRM procedures are quicker, easier and less invasive than traditional methods. This will nearly always result in your having a shorter and easier recovery time.

8. Long-lasting. Nothing beats the New ezFIRM significant and lasting results. It’s a procedure that’s medically proven to remove significant years of aging. And it’s proven to last, in fact you should look younger than your real age for the rest of your life.

9. Private setting with VIP care. No hospital or surgery center. Your ezFIRM takes place in a relaxed, private setting where you will be treated like a VIP.

10.Authentic. A genuine ezFIRM procedure is only available at a Certified EzFIRM Location and physician. By law no other physician can offer a EzFIRM or perform the EzFIRM.