1. You will learn why you deserve a physician that specializes in people like you. 
    The entire aging process is different once you reach your 50’s then it was when you were in your 30’s and 40’s. Your goals, feelings and desires have also changed. You deserve a physician that focuses on people like you because they understand you. No one is more experienced than ezFIRM™ physicians because unlike others we concentrate exclusively on Face and Neck Firming procedures. This experience delivers the results you desire.
  2. You will find out if you are a candidate. 
    Most people we meet with are good candidates. Our physicians will provide you with a personalized assessment to determine if you are a good candidate. The ezFIRM is safe for nearly everyone. We want you to have a safe and easy experience with incredible long-lasting results. Learn why safety is our top priority at ezFIRM.
  3. Learn what you should know before choosing a doctor. 
    In the United States, any doctor can perform facial cosmetic procedures. Dermatologists, OBGYN’s and even general surgeons take weekend courses and call themselves cosmetic surgeons and often advertise quick fix procedures like Botox. At ezFIRM™ our physicians are all Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons and Facial Plastic Surgeons specializing in the unique needs of people over 50 years old. We verify your doctors’ education, licensure, training, surgical expertise and caring bedside manner before we let them join our team.
  4. You will discover why you only want natural results. 
    Most doctors spend the majority of their time seeing a younger population who want dramatic results, that significantly change a part of their body or face. Your goals are very different and require an expert that specializes in bringing back your incredibly refreshed and younger appearance. You will learn why the ezFIRM doesn’t change you, rather it provides natural results to bring your appearance back to the way it was years ago.
  5. You will learn how affordable incredible results can be. 
    Excellent results by a board-certified specialist typically are expensive. At ezFIRM we believe everyone deserves to look younger and more beautiful, not just the wealthy. You’ll be excited to learn how our one of a kind business model provides you with an affordable way to erase aging of your face and neck. The price should not get in the way of your dreams, so we work within your budget to develop a custom plan for you. We also offer a variety of financing options available to help meet your needs.
  6. With our doctors, you will leave feeling safe and in good hands. 
    We want you to be excited for your important day and not worried or concerned. Discover why ezFIRM™ procedures are safer, quicker and easier then ever. You’ll learn why so many people choose ezFIRM because you never have to worry about general anesthesia. People just like you chose the ezFIRM way because it is safer, easier and quicker. We keep you safely relaxed and comfortable using local anesthetics similar to what your dentist may use.
  7. You will learn how long your results should last. 
    Numerous temporary fixes concentrated on younger people often require regular and repeated treatments forever to maintain results. You will learn how the ezFIRM™ procedure usually only takes one treatment. With the ezFIRM procedure, you do not need to keep coming back because your results are long lasting. You will continue to look younger for the rest of your life.
  8. You will experience the private setting and VIP care you deserve. 
    No one wants to spend their special day in a busy cold hospital. Your ezFIRM™ takes place in a relaxed, private setting where you will be treated and cared for like a VIP. Our caring staff will attend to your special needs and make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable.
  9. You will see what sets our doctors and procedure apart from others. 
    You will learn why it is important for you to insist on an experienced genuine ezFIRM physician performing procedures at an ezFIRM location. By law, no other physicians can offer an ezFIRM™ branded procedure.
  10. You deserve to look your best at any age!