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An ezFIRM is right for you, if … 

  • You want natural-looking results that leave you looking like yourself, just years younger.
  • You do not want an expensive surgery with a prolonged recovery time.
  • You do not want to look younger at the risk of having to be put to sleep under potentially dangerous general anesthesia.
  • You prioritize your safety and find comfort in knowing that a highly experienced board-certified specialist will be caring for you.
  • You want a minimally-invasive, proven procedure that hundreds of people just like you are already enjoying the amazing effects of.


ezFIRM launched in 2017 with a simple value proposition: to give people over the age of 50 an affordable, safe, and proven way to look years younger.

At ezFIRM we are dedicated to changing people’s lives by providing an easy and affordable way to look as young as you feel. We specialize in providing an advanced, state-of-the-art in-office procedure specifically designed for people who are looking to reverse signs of aging on the face and neck. We pride ourselves on the way we take care of our clients, holding their hand through every step of their journey. At ezFIRM, all of our Board-Certified physicians specialize on the face and neck. We focus on the unique needs and desires for looking younger that people in the over-50 age group face. Our physicians and staff are passionate about what they do to change people’s lives. At ezFIRM, we truly care about you and your experience.

WHAT You Can Expect

When you look as young as you feel, expect to have a renewed sense of confidence. Some describe it as having the remarkable ability to relive part of their life and to experience new things. Others take on new hobbies, travel, and reignite romance. Looking younger and feeling your best often leads to other lifestyle changes such as exercising more and a healthier diet. Everyone has a unique and wonderful story about how ezFIRM changed their life and the lives of those around them. We would love to hear your story one day!

Long Lasting Results

Unlike temporary fixes, ezFIRM provides you with real results that you will enjoy for years to come. In fact, twin studies have proven you’ll look younger your entire life.

Proven Procedure

The ezFIRM procedure is customized to meet your unique needs and budget. It is medically proven to significantly remove years of aging from your face and neck.

Highest Level Of Quality & Care

Oversight, accountability and a skilled group of experts all focused on your needs to ensure that you get the highest quality results and care.


ezFIRM’s business model provides you with top doctors and incredible results at a price nearly everyone can afford. With many financing options, we try to not let price get in the way of you looking as young as you feel.

Expert Physicians

ezFIRM has the largest group of board certified facial specialists focused exclusively on reversing the effects of aging on your face and neck. We verify your doctor’s education, licensure, training, surgical expertise and importantly caring bedside manner before they join.

Private & Confidential

Who wants to have their special day in a cold busy hospital or surgery center? Your ezFIRM experience takes place in a relaxed, private setting where you will be treated like the VIP you are.


People over 50 often report noticing wrinkles, frown lines, and sagging skin on the face and neck that cannot simply be hidden with makeup or turtle neck shirts. Most of these individuals don’t want or expect to look the way they did when they were twenty. Instead, they simply want an option that really works to address the realities of the aging signs that they are experiencing. To truly deal with. Quick, temporary fixes such as creams, lotions, injections, and fillers simply do not provide the results that people of this age group desire.

To truly look years younger, only a procedure will accomplish these results. However, the old-fashioned traditional procedures with the associated cost, risks, and downtime are procedures of the past.

ezFIRM has completely revolutionized the way we understand these types of procedures. ezFIRM is a safe, quick, and affordable in-office procedure that is medically proven to erase years of aging from the face and neck. Done in a single visit in one of our ezFIRM private office suites, the ezFIRM does not require the hassle and expenses of repeated, temporary treatments. Instead, it is a proven way for you to look years younger and receive lasting results!