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An ezFIRM is actually a combination of procedures that is customized just for you and your personal situation. First, our physicians evaluate what areas need attention and how much each area requires. Then, our physicians smooth and firm sagging and loose skin in the jowls, neck and lower face areas, reducing wrinkles and restoring the firm, natural appearance of someone much younger.

Once that is completed, ezFIRM physicians use your own stem cells to fill areas of your face that become hollowed out as we age. This procedure restores a much more youthful looking fullness. Using your own stem cells avoids the need to introduce a chemical substance into your face while at the same time providing the long-lasting results of living cells that become a part of your face.

You deserve a highly experienced physician and team that specialize in this type of procedure. Everyone knows experience produces excellence. No doctors are more experienced than ezFIRM physicians because unlike others we concentrate exclusively on face and neck firming procedures.

Because ezFIRM is a relatively simple, minimally invasive procedure, we are able to avoid the use of general anesthesia. We use oral sedatives to help you relax along with topical numbing agents. You’ll be awake and comfortable during the entire procedure.

Because the ezFIRM procedure is minimally invasive, your recovery time is much faster and more comfortable than traditional facelifts which could keep you out of the public eye for weeks.

We have offices in locations all over the country. Many doctors will offer facelifts, but only ezFIRM physicians in ezFIRM centers can offer an ezFIRM procedure.

ezFIRM physicians are board-certified (or, in some cases, board eligible) in Plastic Surgery or Facial Plastic Surgery. Doctors merely certified in general “cosmetic surgery” are not eligible to join our team.

What do you really know about your doctor or their qualifications? At ezFIRM we eliminate that worry by checking for you. We verify our doctors’ education, licensure, training, surgical expertise and caring bedside manner before we let them join our team.

With other doctors, excellent results typically means a large expense. ezFIRM’s unique, award-winning business model provides you with proven, lasting and excellent results- and you get it all at a remarkably reasonable cost. With many financing options, an ezFirm procedure can be affordable for almost everyone.

ezFIRM procedures are quicker, easier and less invasive than traditional methods. This will almost always result in a shorter and easier recovery time.

Nothing beats ezFIRM's significant and lasting results. Our procedure is medically proven to remove significant years of aging. You should look younger than your real age for the rest of your life.

There is no need for a hospital stay. Your ezFIRM takes place in a relaxed, private office where you will be treated like a VIP. Afterwards, you will be able to recover in the comfort of your own home.

ezFIRM offers surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures performed under local anesthesia. ezFIRM medical procedures involve a certain amount of risk. Ask your ezFIRM physician to clarify expected results and carefully review patient consent forms for more information. Patients depicted are compensated and have given permission to appear in advertising for ezFIRM. Patients and their photos are from various doctors and have undergone one or more facial procedures as those offered at ezFIRM. Photos are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a promise, guarantee or representation of any particular doctor, procedure, outcome or experience. Recovery time and results will vary by patient and procedure.

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